About Us

Our company has been founded in 2009. In the beginning we named our company ''Anichka'' and now our company’s name is ''Big Life''. The '' Big Life '' is considered to be a leading manufacturer of ''Narine'' dairy product and bacterial concentrations. Due to exclusive technology, best specialists, fully equipped and automated lines in the room our company is characterized by the highest quality, we present a healthy and tasty product. We were first in Armenia who started to produce ''Narine'' dairy product in airtight packaging, because safety of our customers is important to us.

We care about product’s availability for customers, and for that we were first who started to sell ''Narine'' dairy product in grocery stores, also we created fruit Narine. Due to the Mayor of Yerevan the '' Big Life '' with Yerevan Municipality organized the project '' Healthy food for a healthy generation ''. Since 2014 in the municipal kindergartens ''Narine'' dairy product was included in the menu. The purpose of our company is to create health innovations, represent high quality products, so it will help our kids to have a healthy future.